Off Topic

For those conversations you might have in a Pub.
Forum rules
Off -Chat Rules
This is a trialled space. (exactly the same as the weekend chat on Telegram).

- Abusing the forum will lead to it being removed from your access. - Please show fellow members respect when attempting humour.

Yes, this is supposed to be more relaxed, BUT we are not talking about GGP or Gold, or Other stocks/trading tips/ideas are just a BIG NO-NO.

Memes maybe?

No links to fundraisers/anything you saw on Facebook/Insta/Tinder
No political, covid/medical, people bashing, or religious/ideology (ideas, opinions, or views)

Your dog, cat, car, train, plane, meal, stunning view, adventure and days out are most welcome...

If this works, we will make this space permanent.
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